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Complete smile restoration: If you have teeth that are worn, chipped, or missing, Seligman Dental Designs can give you a complete smile makeover. It involves a comprehensive exam and diagnosis, correction of any bite problems, and state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures for a brilliant smile.

Tooth-colored fillings: Seligman Dental Designs uses natural-looking fillings, or composites, as a replacement for the silver amalgam fillings. These composites will match the color of your teeth and actually bond to the tooth. Composites not only restore the teeth to health, but have an enamel-like appearance that creates a natural smile and a happy patient.

Crowns and bridges: Seligman Dental Designs offers the most advanced techniques and materials for fabricating crowns and bridges that are fixed in place, resulting in beauty and longevity.

Root canals: When necessary, we try to make these procedures painless and noninvasive. Root canals can often be completed in just one visit. It may sound hard to believe, but in many cases Seligman Dental Designs can perform root canals in just one visit. That means you’ll only have to return to our office for the placement of your permanent crown.

All ceramic Inlays and onlays: As an alternative to composites, Seligman Dental Designs can restore teeth with all ceramic materials that are bonded to the teeth. These are very strong and match the tooth making it difficult to tell that the tooth has been restored.

Cosmetic bonding: By using tooth colored restorative materials (composites), the appearance of your smile can be improved by repairing chipped, damaged, broken or flawed teeth. This is done in one visit with the results being natural in appearance and long lasting.