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Periodontal Care

Care of Gums (Periodontal Care)

In-office dental hygiene program (teeth cleaning): At Seligman Deatal Designs, we have two terrific dental hygienists who will team up with you to help in maintaining healthy gums and assure that you will keep your teeth forever. At your visit, they will update your medical history, do a thorough assessment of your oral health, including an oral cancer screening, provide a dental cleaning, review oral hygiene techniques and perform other necessary procedures that will keep your teeth and gums healthy

Periodontal care: Gum disease is today’s leading cause of adult tooth loss. Seligman Dental Designs offers advanced nonsurgical programs to treat gum disease, including scaling, root planing and time-released antibiotics. Our staff periodontist , Dr. Valerie Smith, can evaluate more serious periodontal problems and determine the proper treatment regimens. She can also place implants to replace teeth which are subsequently restored by Dr Seligman.

Dental implant restorations: Seligman Dental Designs offers strong, natural-looking implant restorations. They can be used for the placement of permanent crowns or to secure dentures. And for post-adolescents with missing teeth, dental implants are a viable option that is becoming increasingly popular. Dr. Seligman works closely with Dr Smith and other highly skilled implant specialists, so ask about this procedure today.