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New Patients

New Patients

Thank You for Choosing Seligman Dental Designs for your oral health care needs.

At Seligman Dental Designs our goal is to make your experiences with us a positive one. Being able to speak with you is critical to appropriately setting up your first appointment, please contact us by phone at your convenience. This allows us to obtain pertinent information about you and your needs to optimize your first visit.

New Patient Forms

In order to make your first visit flow smoothly, and if time permits prior to your initial apppointment, we will send registration, dental, and medical history forms to you. This will provide you with ample time to complete these forms prior to coming to our office, thus streamlining your visit.

Previous X-Rays and dental records

If you have current x-rays from a previous office, please have those forwarded to us so that we will not need to retake these at your first visit.

Insurance and Billing Information

If you have insurance, we can submit claims directly to your insurance company and apply all payments to your account. Please bring all pertinent insurance information with you so that we take care of this for you. Co-pays and deductibles are requested at the time of service and any balance remaining after insurance payments will be billed directly to you.

A comfortable experience for you

Please come in with any questions or concerns you may have so that we may address each of them. The more information that we have about you, the better we can be at meeting your needs.