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Filling in the Information Gaps about Diastema

August 22, 2014 by Uncategorized No Comments

Diastema is a term used to describe a gap between two teeth. For some people, a diastema makes their smile unique, and they choose to keep the charming midline gap.
Space Fillers
A diastema can be caused by tooth size discrepancy, oversized tissues, alignment problems, or protruding teeth. Though a diastema is considered harmless—meaning it rarely affects dental health—some dental patients want to close those smile gaps.
Some treatments dentists may use to close the diastema include:
• Orthodontics to move the teeth together and close the gap
• Customized porcelain veneers that cover the gap
• Dental bonding materials sculpted onto the teeth so the gap disappears
• Crown and bridge that uses a replacement tooth to fill in the space
• Dental implants to embed a porcelain crown into the gap